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Soo, the epidemic continues.
Hey guys, know it's been awhile since the last journal but got a new one for ya. And as you can tell by the title, the epidemic of Gohan using his sock puppet Yang3's RWBYGreatest group to continue to blow at knives4cash.
As for what i am referencing, i'm referencing this little journal here:
Hmm, last i checked Gohan, you made a similiar journal, than deleted RWBYFans claiming it to be "hacked" then remade the group again, still haven't learned have ya? The public eye isn't off of you so if you think you can make shit like this without getting caught, you can't.
:iconcfchaters:CFCHaters 3 3
The guy never learns.
Hey guys, so, another little short something for you guys, but, it seems that the whining continues as Gohan continues to use his sock puppet Yang3 account to say he was in the right for stealing people's work.
As seen here:
:iconcfchaters:CFCHaters 3 5
Just a couple things.
Hey guys. Well, this will be a semi-shorter journal since i only have a couple things to share.
The first thing i would like to share, is that Gohan has changed his Yang3 sock puppet account's RWBY group from "RWBYFans" to RWBYGreatest/:iconRWBYGreatest:.
Why has he changed it, you might ask? Well because his group was supposedly hacked? Atleast, that is what i can get out of the broken english in this journal:
The only other thing i have to add is that, his using his sock puppet account to continue to whine about him taking down his stolen edit works, like really? But it is Gohan we are talking about so this kinda stupidity is expected:
:iconcfchaters:CFCHaters 3 7
Soo, we have a supposed apology.
Heya guys. Soo, you all should be aware of what's been going on from the last journals, but now, we have a "apology".
Ie, this:
What you can make out from it, is what is supposed to be an half assed apology to those who he wanted reported and banned by his fanbase, to those who hate him here on dA and Youtube, ectera.
I want the people heres honest opinion now, can we all really believe him after some of the things him and his fanbase have done to all of us over time? Does he really deserve a second chance and forgiveness from us? I want you guys thoughts and want to know if any of you can truly forgive him.
:star: Update :star:
And, i was also made aware by the person this note was sent to, that they got this note an hour ago from him also, just figured i would showcase it aswell for you guy's judgement also.
The n
:iconcfchaters:CFCHaters 4 5
Just when you think his done whining, his not.
Hey guys. Soo, you all remember yesterday when mister Art Thief Gohan6425 took down the render edits that he had no permission to edit or post?
Well, his not done bitching and whining yet.
Example A:
As you can see, he completely misses the point of this person saying they are okay with work being edited, if he had PERMISSION to, nope, he just goes on and says his not an art thief and completely ignores what the person says in his little sock puppet account Yang3's RWBYFans group.
Example B:
This here, is an example of when two dumbasses who think it is okay to edit things and post it without permission get together and cry to each other like the biggest manbabies in the universe.
Now, just allow me to point out some things from the deviantART FAQ And Art Thief Discussion Thread for people like Gohan(Who i know will see this due to him constantly stalking this group when his blocked from it), who are too dumb to understand.
:iconcfchaters:CFCHaters 4 15
Eh, he had to have one final blowing at us.
PS, this is the copy and paste of the video discription and i'm removing any links that have become deleted as of now:
"That called me and "Art Thief" and the made a CFCHaters/:iconCFCHaters: group on deviantart and then started ban me from RWBY Groups.
Please report the follow on deviantart and get then taken down for harassment!
I making this in regard to user name knives4cash on deviantart he keeping telling people I am an "Art Thief"  he claim I am stealing work which is not true I gave credit also even permission for making or the work proof here I do try my best to ask people if I can edit it. But if I can't get to then in time or there unable to pm I just give credit in the description of the the photoshop work. If you wanted to read more into this please go to this.
:iconcfchaters:CFCHaters 3 43
Well, seems this is now a thing.
Hello guys, how is everyone? Well, i have abit of update news for all of you, so let's jump into it, shall we?
Soo, yesterday, after i made this journal here:
With the contribution also of Claire-Cooper:
And a note also to knives4cash and the RWBY groups who took notice of this also.
It seems that mister Gohan6425/SuperSaiyanGoku3/YangXiaoLong3 is giving up his little photoshopping render stealing, or so he claims in this journal anyway:
Though, knowing this guy, it could be a wild goose chase of an idea, but i'll keep you guys posted on it.
:iconcfchaters:CFCHaters 5 15
We got our first fanboy stalker!
So, in just one day later after making this group, we got our first CFC fanboy stalking us guys! And it's none other than the fanboy mentioned in our introduction journal. Although, the person in question seems too dense to notice that we can see everytime he comes in here through our visitor widget.
Said fanboy decided to go around to one of our members, bitching and whining like he usually does in general, just figured i'd share the screenshots of it: | |
:iconcfchaters:CFCHaters 3 19
Introduction Journal and some other things
Hello Everyone, as most main members know by now, this is a group against the Youtube series "Cartoon Fight Club" and one of it's main researchers who is very infamous and most if not all of us agree that the show as a whole in itself is one of the worst.
But, the main thing i wanted to do for this first journal, was share some very interesting screenshots that i took form said infamous researchers Google+ page.
The first two, being these, the first being of people having an innocent conversation about not liking said person: | then the person's response, with something i find, alarming myself:
Now, the thing i find in the second screenshot response of this person, is his wording choice of ""Shut Your Mouth Little Girl, i know you have a thing for me.", is just a sort of red flag for me that makes me think of something that a pedophile would say honestly, but i want you guys thoughts too on the idea of this.
Now, onto the third scre
:iconcfchaters:CFCHaters 4 24
Rose Quartz vs. Toriel by OmnicidalClown1992 Rose Quartz vs. Toriel :iconomnicidalclown1992:OmnicidalClown1992 7 4 Meowth vs. Papyrus by OmnicidalClown1992 Meowth vs. Papyrus :iconomnicidalclown1992:OmnicidalClown1992 5 0 Tifa congratulates Yang by mirakor Tifa congratulates Yang :iconmirakor:mirakor 17 17 FNAF: -  Foxy by 1AN1 FNAF: - Foxy :icon1an1:1AN1 6 0
Meh Battle Knuckles vs Protoman
at least Knuckles finally win something.
:iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 2 10
The Grimm Ravage Death Battle!

The Grimm.
Height varies between types.
Weight varies between types.

General Feats 
- Terrorised humanity since the creation of the world.
- Killed hundreds of humans and huntsman. 
- Destroyed several smaller settlements outside the four kingdoms.
- A massive group of Grimm competently ravaged Vale and Beacon.  
- Do not find food to live and seen to feed on negative emotions.
- Can sense negative emotions.
- Can keep up with huntsman in combat.
Grimm Species

- Normal Beowolfs are around the size of a normal human.
> However some are twice as large.
- Attack
:iconthescourgekirb:TheScourgeKirb 13 4
Youtuber Rant (Part 2)

There's five more channels.
Yep. There managed to be five more Youtube channels that I (and others that will be credited) picked for a part two for my Youtuber Rant. (If you didn't see it, you can see it here) Some things can never be finished with just one.... a sequel, is sometimesbutveryrarely needed. Although with all the awful channels on Youtube, a thousand sequels may be needed. As always, if you like any of these channels that I am about to "logically and calmly talk about"... rant about, then that's great and I'm not taking that away from you. Just don't change my opinion because it doesn't fit yours, alright? Alright. Channels are alphabetically organized again, since you know.
For our first channel, mounted on a pedestal made of rusty cans...
1. AnimationRewind
(thanks AngryBirds514 for suggesting me this channel!)
So I actually had no idea what this channel was before it was recommended to me... and I'm glad I did. Otherwise, I
:iconprongoman:ProngoMan 4 9

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If you have a deviation you would like me to check out, or a few of your pieces you want me to critique, or something of the sort, please comment on my page with a link to the deviation(s). I won't always get back to you the day you comment on my profile, but I promise I will get back to you.

Have a wonderful day!

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Soo, goes, y'all should know by now what time it is, it's time for a new rant! :XD: 

But, not on whom you may think. Now, it seems we got a new freako stepping up to the plate to try and be the next big "tough guy" whom wants attention, well, we are gonna give it to him. And as a note, i'm screenshoting most of these and posting a stash link also because you never know when these so called "tough guys" will delete evidence. 

So, to jump in on how this. We are talking about LunaDude1996/:iconlunadude1996:, whom in a way resembles Nascar221 back in the day when that freako was a problem. 

Now, let's jump into our starting screenshots, shall we? 

First off, starting from this: It bears repeating (Read Description) and the screenshots as an addition: LunaDude1996 Screenshot 1 Part 1 |  LunaDude1996 Screenshot 1 Part 2 by DevilBoy638 

So, this is basically how i was informed of this and how i decided to make this journal, as he seems to be heavily ass-hurt due to my blocking off him, in which reason to i will get to abit later. 

Now for screenshot two:  LunaDude1996 Screenshot 2 by DevilBoy638 

Hmm, good to know that you are a proven stalker, nice try deleting it but i had already screenshoted it. 

And now, the biggest one of all with a thing that could get him banned for just this alone:  LunaDude1996 Screenshot 3 by DevilBoy638 

It was a porn link as proven by the link being blocked:  LunaDude1996 Screenshot 3 Part 2 by DevilBoy638 | with a death threat thrown in by form of the gun shooting emoji being added next to said user. And, he deleted this too, but i already screenshoted it.

Now, let's move on to the reason why i blocked him, i was informed by InuKikandIchiRuki01 that LunaDude has wished rape on Game!Serena of Pokemon in the past, and LunaDude hides anything you message him about with the previous wish of his, which proves his guilty of it while his supposedly in a group to "protect" Serena which is very hypocritical in nature seeing as all forms of Serena are one and the same, the group i'm mentioning is this: InDefenseOfSerena/:iconindefenseofserena:

Now other things he does? Stalks people who hates Serena or AshxSerena and spams comments to them about it, as proven by solely looking at his comments under "Recent Activity". 

As for the garbage he posts? Well, just look for yourself and be the judge, most of it isn't even art. Just spamming of his bitching about people who by his so called "God-like-power" can't hate Serena or SerenaxAsh but he can wish rape on Game!Serena.



That is about it, but if anyone sees anything that is add worthy, i will update this or make a sequel as i see fit to. My advice? Block and report the guy. He wants attention, will give him it, but not the kind he wants.
:star: Update :star: 

So, another small thing, a new screenshot:  LunaDude1996 Screenshot 4 by DevilBoy638 

So, can we burn him on a stake like the old time witches if his talking witch craft or what?

Also, am i the only one who thought of Nascar221 when seeing this?:  LunaDude1996 Screenshot 5 by DevilBoy638 
:star: Update :star: 

So, just figured i should pitch this in this here. I think he made a second account now too, cause if you look, his hid everything on his account except comments widget and now this account here was just made today, with the same birthday, same living place, and one lone upload about "Ash x Nobody":


Huh, i had no idea that there was supposed to be a Venom movie:


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